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Navigation System
Independent research and development of smart navigation system

Shanghai Lambot Intelligent Technology co. LTD specializes in the research, development, and production of robotic home cleaners and other cleaning appliances.

Lambot robot vacuum exclusive LDS laser navigation system scan and map your home at 4000times/second for radius 12m distance and a 360-degree angle information,which will then be computed with the SLAM algorithm to generate a real-time map. Based on it, an optimal route will be planned for efficient and complete clean.

The cloud storage platform can remember your maps of house, and the map will be permanently remembered; when the room layout changes, the map will be automatically updated and keep the attributes added in the original map, such as virtual wall, forbidden zone, etc. 

Voice control
Voice Direct Control Create a new era of intelligent interaction of Robot Vacuum

Lambot has created a new era of voice-activated direct control, freeing itself from the traditional third-party access, and continuously researching and developing voice control hardware modules and voice algorithms. The robot vacuum can directly collect the voice of the users for pre-processing, and combine the sound anti-aliasing bandpass filtering, remove the individual pronunciation difference and the noise influence caused by the equipment and the environment, and the voice and the sweeper function through the algorithm. Match and open up the human-machine data path bridge to form the most efficient human-computer interaction.

Ultrasonic sensor
Anti-interference Ultrasonic

Lambot customizes the ultrasonic sensor for the robot vacuum cleaner. The ultrasonic wave is transmitted from the sensor to the obstacle. The echo reflected by the obstacle returns to the sensor. Calculate the time between the launch time and the sound wave, and then calculate the distance from the obstacle. Quickly react and decelerate in time to avoid collision with obstacles,and effectively solve the problem of conventional infrared ray absorbed by dark objects,avoid the scratch of furniture.

Online voice control
Highly compatible access,step into the integrated smart home era

Lambot independently developed a cloud computing platform to achieve cross-platform connection of robot. Through the cloud connection technology, it gives the robot vacuum cleaner a new experience of multiple operating modes, and breaks through the limitations of traditional hardware docking. Unlike traditional hardware, which is only tied to one type of speaker. Connect multiple smart speaker devices: Amazon Alexa, Google home, to satisfy the needs of a variety of home applications, experience the future of smart home integration.

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